Curriculum Goals for 3 Year Old Classes

Emotional Growth

  • Provide a safe, healthy and secure environment away from home.

  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere of joy and warmth for the child.

  • Provide a nurturing atmosphere and become a significant, consistent adult in the child’s life.

  • Create an environment that encourages curiosity, discovery and exploration.

  • Provide experiences that will increase child’s positive self-image, sense of competence and pride in accomplishments.

  • Provide experiences to develop qualities of responsibility, initiative, and independence.

  • Provide opportunities to expand attention span, including practice working independently, sitting still, concentrating, following directions, and persevering until a task is finished.

Cognitive Growth

  • Provide learning activities in language arts.    a. receptive language.    b. expressive language and increasing vocabulary    c. pre-writing activities using crayons, pencils, pens, markers, and fingerpaints, water paints with small brushes.    d. visual discrimination through matching, finding hidden objects, sequencing activities, color naming.    e. introductory activities for letter recognition

  • Provide concrete activities in pre-math and logical thinking skills.    a. sorting, classifying, matching, patterns    b. sequencing and recalling sequence of events    c. counting    d. one-to-one correspondence    e. beginning number recognition    f. memory skills

  • Provide learning experiences in science.    a. growing and the care of living things    b. cooking activities    c. gathering and collecting things from nature    d. simple experiments    e. activities to enhance observation skills and develop concepts such as same and different

  • Provide a wide range of art and music activities.

  • Facilitate creative and make-believe play    -with objects    -about situations    -assuming pretend roles    -interacting with other children

  • Provide opportunities to express self through music, art, and movement.

  • Provide opportunities to begin learning Spanish.

Social Growth

  • Encourage building friendships among all class members.

  • Encourage sharing and taking turns.

  • Encourage and model understanding and respecting differences.

  • Encourage child to accept responsibility for maintaining classroom environment.

  • Encourage child to work cooperatively with others.

  • Encourage child to resolve conflicts constructively.

  • Encourage child to share adults with other children.

  • Encourage child to attempt to conform to rules and follow directions.

  • Provide child opportunities to practice thoughtfulness and giving.

  • Encourage respect for authority, property, and the rights of others.

Physical Growth

  • Provide opportunities for large muscle development, muscle and limb control.

  • Provide opportunities for small muscle development.

  • Provide opportunities to develop spatial skills, hand-eye coordination, balance and coordination.

  • Encourage good habits of health and safety.

Spiritual Growth

  • Encourage and model showing love for each other.

  • Demonstrate and encourage consciousness of God.

  • Guide in development of ecological values and concern for God’s world.

  • Help children recognize differences and likenesses in people and to show acceptance.

  • Provide learning experiences about Christmas and Easter.

  • Introduce rituals of thankfulness and concern.

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